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The Bread and Butter of Owning a Sticky Fingers Cooking Franchise

You BUTTER believe it–Sticky Fingers Cooking ® is a FRUITFUL business model. Find out more in this article.

People buy a franchise business for all kinds of personal reasons—spending their energy and time on a new career, creating a more independent routine and schedule, possibly increasing their earning potential. Success with this endeavor may look and feel differently to each person, but there is the need to make money by providing goods or services.

Here are some key facts to know about being a Sticky Fingers Cooking Franchise Owner:

  • This is a non-brick and mortar business which means quick start-up, low overhead and high profit margins. 
  • The main operating costs are only associated with classes and sessions run by you.
  • Sessions span six to 18 weeks, with multiple classes a week per school
  • Sticky Fingers Cooking ® vets 70 schools to start with in your territory, and there are many more schools in a single territory

As we like to say, the proof is in the pudding! 

A Sticky Fingers Cooking Franchise Owner can expect to make their daily bread and butter through these services:

After-school enrichment programs: Each franchise territory has been determined based on the number of potential customers, and with Sticky Fingers Cooking ® this means schools and school-aged children in the area. Your job is to reach out to these schools and offer cooking classes after school for their students. These classes are the staple of your business. The recipes and lessons are already created, then you will supply the fresh ingredients and kitchen tools for kids to whip up their delicious dishes and snacks under the supervision of your chef instructors.

There are sometimes opportunities for grants to pay for these classes too.

Summer and holiday camps: As every Mom and Dad knows, children need on-going education and socialization even when school is not in session. As a local business owner, you can offer cooking camps at local facilities where you have established a relationship—the public library, the YMCA, a church activity room, and other similar spots—during the summer break or other holidays from school.

Private events: After seeing what fun their kids are having, some families want to sample their skills in the kitchen. We have found that families enjoy this experience together so much that they do it year after year, adding family members such as grandparents, to be part of the class. These private classes can be a holiday tradition for families or a way to expand their meal repertoire. Other events can just be a one-time celebration such as a birthday party where the kids all learn to cook a treat together.

Location, location, location. All of the Sticky Fingers Cooking recipes were created with the concept of creating snacks and meals in non-traditional kitchen environments. Our thousands of recipes can be made without a kitchen facility, in fact. This means that a school building is not necessary when offering cooking class sessions in your community. Did you know that Sticky Fingers Cooking has taught in 200 public libraries in 18 states? We’ve also hosted classes in community centers, YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, museums, day car centers, and parks and recreation center. Not having a fixed location for your business means you can increase revenue and reach. 

All of the financial details are available in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Start-up investment details can be found on our website. 

If you are thinking that you might be a good fit for earning your income by providing after-school enrichment classes at local schools, hosting private cooking events for kids and their families and friends, and setting up summer camps where children learn to create culinary delights, then click here to connect with us.

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