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What are the startup costs and what do they include?
Currently, the range of investment is from $77,528 to $125,379 which includes the $48,000 initial franchise fee. Other estimated costs include 3rd party professional advisory fees, insurance, and 3-months of working capital. Am I qualified?
How long does it take to become a franchisee?
Our vetting process is organized and streamlined, with a targeted timeline of 2 to 3 months to become a franchisee. Ultimately, we will work with you on a timeline that works best for you. Get started now and be in business quickly!
How long does it take to launch my business after becoming a franchisee?
Your grand opening launch in your community will happen between 60-90 days after your business is set up & your training is completed. Get started now and be in business quickly!
Can I own more than one territory?
Yes. We believe some owners will operate multiple units. We offer discounts on initial franchise fees for owners who commit up front to additional territories. Inquire today.
How much will the business make in a year?
How much dough do you knead? No, really — how much dough you earn is up to you! We provide a detailed Financial Performance Representation, called an Item 19 in our Franchise Disclosure Document which highlights affiliate performance and history. This can be a useful tool to help you evaluate the revenue potential for your Sticky Fingers Cooking® business. Inquire today.
Can I run my Sticky Fingers Cooking® from a home office?
Yes! We are a home-based business that can be run from a home office with just 100-200 square feet of storage. Your chef instructors go to local host locations to teach classes during and/or after school. Inquire today.
Do I need to rent a commercial kitchen?
No, you will not need to rent a commercial kitchen for classes. Nor will you need to host classes in your home. Classes are held in schools, community centers, and libraries. Each of your chef instructors will have a small portable cooking kit with all of the equipment and tools needed for 14 kids to cook up some fun! Inquire today.
Do I have to be an owner operator?
Yes. We want our owners to be actively involved, hiring Chef Instructors to conduct classes. You will focus on marketing, community outreach, development, and management of the business. Learn more.
How many employees are needed to operate the business?
Typically begin with 1 part-time office manager and approximately 3-5 part-time chef instructors. Add back-office management team members and chef instructors as you grow. Today, our largest territory, Denver, has two back-office employees and 35 part-time chef instructors to cover enrolled classes. Learn more.
What are my revenue streams?
We are a tuition-based company. Most classes and camps are paid for up-front by parents. We also work occasionally with grant or public funding.
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