why sticky fingers cooking®

We are eggstatic to spread the magic of cooking to kids nationwide.

We created our work-from-home franchise opportunities based on our expansion to Illinois and Texas with employees who loved working with us. When life called them to move from our founding markets in Colorado, we were beyond egg-cited to send them to new states. Their success fueled our venture into franchising coast-to-coast, from Kale-ifornia to Rocky Road Island!

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employee ‘feed’back

Hear what our employees have to say about us.

“I love working for SFC because I get to teach kids such a valuable life skill—how to cook! Seeing their excitement from prep to plate is incredibly rewarding!”
Sarah Lanter-  Chef Instructor in Colorado
""Sticky Fingers Cooking® is a great community of food-loving instructors! The teachers are valued for their work with kids. And the students are encouraged to explore, create, and eat. It's the best combo ever! Happy cooking and tasting for All!"
Florence Boucquet -  Chef Instructor in Colorado
"Laurel Mountain Elementary said SFC is the best thing that their school has ever offered. Some said equal to field day! I got so many hugs from the staff and the students. I can't wait for the next school year!"
Erin Hudson -  Chef Instructor in Texas
"I am SO grateful to be a part of such a great team. Sticky Fingers does some of the best work I have seen as an educator!"
Alex Lee -  Chef Instructor in Colorado
"I just want to say, thank you! 44 years of working and this has been the most fun and fulfilling job I have ever had! I appreciate all the opportunities to teach kids how to cook."
Mary Beth Riley -  Chef Instructor in Illinois
"I had to pause today when I was watching these kids because I was so overwhelmed with gratitude. I can’t believe I get to be a part of this team! You've made it so easy for me to share my passion for healthy food and cooking with kids. Thank you!"
Megan Brookheart-  Chef Instructor in Colorado
“Our student who is on the autism spectrum made a side dish for his family for Thanksgiving. He chopped, sauteed, and shredded. His mom was so pleased! He has come so far. It was such a good feeling!”
Mary Clare -  Chef Instructor in Illinois
“I absolutely love leading children from yuck to yum, as they try (and love) new foods they were convinced they would hate.”
Jacy Shoener -  Chef Instructor in Texas
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After-School Programs Are Good for All

We’re not the only ones who think that after-school programs are important.

In July 2022, the United States Department of Education launched the Engage Every Student initiative. This initiative is backed by the Afterschool Alliance, National League of Cities, National Summer Learning Association and others.

“Quality out-of-school-time programs have always supported students’ academic, social, and emotional growth, but as we recover from the pandemic, these opportunities have never mattered more,” stated U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona.

After-school enrichment programs like cooking classes are part of this nationwide trend to extend educational opportunities to children. As a Sticky Fingers Cooking® franchisee, you can be part of this in your own community!

Empower Kids in Your Community

Start Your Sticky Fingers Cooking® Franchise Journey Now!

Join our franchise network and embark on a flavorful journey unlike any other! With a remarkable track record of over 125,000 students educated across 1,000+ U.S. schools, our immersive 6-18 week sessions immerse kids in the art of cooking international recipes, math, science, history, nutrition, and more all in a fun, hands-on environment. No kitchen needed! We prioritize essential cooking skills, safety measures, robust education, and the use of fresh, quality ingredients. Run your own fruitful business while inspiring the future generation of young chefs in your community with Sticky Fingers Cooking®!

About Us

We believe in food equality, education equality, life equality.

Our outreach efforts focus on bringing Sticky Fingers Cooking® to socioeconomically, racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse communities. As a brand, we strive to adapt the structure, focus, and recipes in our classes to best meet the needs and desires of many and various types of communities. Our curriculum is developed to teach not only cooking skills but also to foster inclusivity and collaboration.

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everything bagels slice in half and ready to toast
I've worked as a Chef Instructor in three territories. That's how much I love this company!
Dylan Sabuco
Head Chef
our business model

We're like your everything bagel.

Low investment

Our initial franchise fee is affordable at $48,000 for one territory.

Customers galore

We serve kids where they are, and finding them is easy as pie!

Ample opportunties

Ready to cook in most states, so lettuce know where you live.

STEAM curriculum

We combine cooking with math, geography, and more.

Awesome financials

Our investment and performance history speaks for itself.

In-depth resources

We have over 1,000 lesson plans and growing!

Our opportunities

With franchise locations available from S'moregon to Pretzelvania

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the big business of kids

Why the children's activity industry is booming according to Forbes.

Just like children grow, so too does the industry of products or activities that cater to improving the general health, development or education of kids. A recent Forbes.com article states:

“With the right training, documentation and support a new franchisee can be taught to set up and run a children’s activity business pretty quickly — teaching, management, hiring, marketing and administration — which makes it very attractive to potential franchisees who of course want to be up and running and earning money without delay.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Sticky Fingers Cooking® offers franchisees a fully built-out system, in-person training, branded marketing support, and more to become a successful local business owner in your community.

Learn more in our FAQs and send us an email with your interest.

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