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"It’s my Bread and Butter! My life and my family’s lives have been transformed by owning a piece of the SFC pie."
Lucy Warenski, Franchise Owner

Sticky Fingers Cooking® is your recipe for success

A home-grown Colorado company, ready to expand with local franchise owners nationwide, we have been Cultivating 'Cool'inary Curiosity in Kids® for thousands of children in online classes and at hundreds of schools, camps, and special events since 2011. Join us!

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A cooking school without walls

A home-grown Colorado company

We have the recipe to ignite a lifetime love of healthy cooking and adventurous eating in kids—and now it’s your turn to inspire the next generation of chefs. 

Kids learn by doing! Sticky Fingers Cooking® created programs in schools, camps, and community centers nationwide. It's a place where children engage in hands-on cooking activities, ensuring learning is both educational and deliciously fun.

If you want to combine the joys of cooking, eating, and make learning about good nutrition, food history, math, science, and global cultures fun and part of your mission, start your own business with us. Cooking is an essential life skill and when kids stay after school to learn more, parents are happy too.

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Sweet Success

Launch Your Sticky Fingers Cooking® Franchise Today!

Are you ready to savor the taste of success with Sticky Fingers Cooking®? Our innovative business model offers non-brick and mortar operations, ensuring a quick start-up, low operating costs, and delicious margins. Manage your franchise from the comfort of your own home, with ample support provided every step of the way. Join our thriving community and embark on a fulfilling business venture with Sticky Fingers Cooking®!

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family-friendly franchise

A home-based business that works

You don’t have to be a chef or an experienced entrepreneur to successfully own a Sticky Fingers Cooking® business. This company was started by a mom of three who knows what it’s like to try new things, start a business, and raise a family.

Spend weekdays Cultivating ‘Cool’inary Curiosity in Kids® and be part of a great brand while working from your home office!

proven recipe for success

A business model that is sweet and savory

Low investment

Our initial franchise fee is affordable at $48,000 for one territory.

Customers galore

We serve kids where they are, and finding them is as easy as pie!

Ample opportunities

Ready to cook in most states, so lettuce know where you live.

STEAM curriculum

We combine cooking with math, geography, and more.

Awesome financials

Our investment and performance history speaks for itself.

In-depth resources

We have over 1,000 lesson plans and growing!

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"Mixing a fruitful business with impact, dishing up success, and nourishing futures tastes so sweet!"
Alli Doyle
franchise owner
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Of schools invite us back year after year


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be a part of a successful, proven business model

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