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Becoming Part of the Curriculum: Cooking Class Contract with School District

Sticky Fingers Cooking of Austin has become part of the curriculum in a local school district for Fall 2023.

Since its inception, Sticky Fingers Cooking has primarily been an after-school activity available to kids after their regular school day has concluded. The opportunities expanded outside of the traditional school into other locations like libraries or recreation centers and also online. 

In 2023, the company became a franchisor which will make these after-school classes more widely available across the country. 

Now we are thrilled to share that the company’s first franchisee, Alli Doyle, has a new contract with Pflugerville Independent School District that makes these cooking classes part of the curriculum. Sticky Fingers Cooking classes will be available to EACH student in all of the 22 elementary schools in this district! The contract is available thanks to a grant that covers about 80 cooking classes for the fall 2023 semester. 

“I am so excited for these classes,” said Erica Damato, Programming Specialist for Pflugerville Independent School District. “A lot of our schools are Title 1 and these kids would not get this opportunity to take these cooking classes normally.”

A Title 1 school is one that is part of a federal program that supports low-income students. 

"Getting the opportunity to serve even more students in the Austin area brings me so much joy,” said Alli. “Especially kids who haven't had the opportunity to take enrichment classes before. I can't wait to see the kids' faces and hear the fun things they say when they get to cook with us!"  

This is the largest curriculum-type grant awarded to the brand in company history, and it’s possible that franchisees in other locations will be able to leverage similar relationships to benefit even more kids. 

In Austin, where the Pflugerville Independent School District serves over 25,000 students, the chance to make cooking classes part of the curriculum happens on a grant-by-grant basis. The classes are offered at these schools during the school day, and also families can sign up to attend the after-school cooking courses available. 

“We are hopeful that there will be another grant awarded in the spring so we can continue to teach these schoolkids about nutrition and how to make their own food,” said Alli.

If you are interested in taking a Sticky Fingers Cooking class, go to our website to see if there is one available in your area. 

For those interested in joining Sticky Fingers Cooking as a franchisee, learn more about the business opportunity now. You can leave us a message with your details and interest and we will get back to you soon!

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