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The Healthier Food Franchise Option

When you think of franchising, you think of fast food restaurants, but the modern franchise is healthier and for the whole family.

It’s not entirely clear what the first franchise business was in America—maybe printing, maybe steamboats, maybe hair care, maybe sewing machines—and this could date back to the early 1700s, or the mid-1800s. In their various incarnations, all of these were predecessors to the modern franchise system we know today. 

It was the turn of the 20th century when this country was in its Industrial Revolution and there was increased mobility that opened the door to franchising in more industries, including food. As automotive and manufacturing businesses began to franchise, so too did beverage and food companies. According to the International Franchise Association (IFA), Coca-Cola issued their first franchise in 1901, then A & W Root Beer started franchising in 1924 and by the 1930s and forward, the concept really took off with Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1930, Howard Johnson’s in 1935, Carvel in 1934, Dairy Queen in 1940, Dunkin’ Donuts in 1950, Burger King in 1954, and McDonald’s in 1955. 

Who doesn’t love a good ice cream drive-through? Or a fresh donut or burgers and fries? However, all of these businesses offer what has become known as “fast food” and it’s not much of a compliment.

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Top Food Franchises

Since everyone eats, it’s no surprise that these fast food franchises took off and continue to be profitable businesses—even if we’ve learned a lot about healthy eating as a society in the years since these companies became household names.

There are a lot of lists out there with top franchises and food franchises are on each list. 

A list from NerdWallet of the “15 Best Franchise Opportunities of 2022” included McDonald’s, Sonic, and Dunkin’ Donuts. 

Healthier choices are making their way onto these lists though, with a list of “The Best 10 Food Franchise Businesses to Own in the USA for 2022” including a Smoothie King…right after Cinnabon. This list also included Nekter Juice Bar, as well as Pizza Hut and Dunkin’ Donuts.

The point is, there is an appetite for healthier eating choices and they are becoming part of the franchising world that has long been dominated by fast food choices for families.

Slow Food Franchise

While the ability to grab a quick bite to eat has its place in today’s world, we have learned that slower can be better—for our bodies and our planet. Sticky Fingers Cooking was founded on the principles of eating healthy and teaching kids how to make nutritious food for themselves.

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Franchising with Sticky Fingers Cooking is part of this slow-er food movement, one that is interested in whole foods, ingredients we can name, and kids can draw cute pictures of even. People of all ages are learning the value of eating fewer calories with more vitamins, minerals, and protein, rather than too many salty, greasy, over-processed foods.

Children in Sticky Fingers Cooking classes learn about how to make specific recipes for snacks and meals, along with where food comes from and what is good for them. Not only does Sticky Fingers Cooking “cultivate cool’inary curiosity in kids,” it educates the next generation on eating well. In buying a Sticky Fingers Cooking franchise, each franchisee is part of this trend to eat foods that make you feel good and bring up kids who know the importance of what they eat.

Join us today by learning more about how to get started franchising with Sticky Fingers Cooking.

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