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Sticky Fingers Cooking at the 2023 IFA Annual Convention

Sticky Fingers Cooking took the plunge into franchising and joined the International Franchise Association (IFA), including attending their annual convention.

One of the best parts of franchising is that entrepreneurs have a built-in network of support with fellow franchisees who can provide ideas and understanding when needed. This year we also learned that in franchising the Sticky Fingers Cooking business model, there is a whole network of support for the franchisors too. We took our executive team on the road for this chance to learn more about franchising and continue to bond as we build. 

"I've been so lucky to work with a fantastic team as Sticky Fingers has grown, but as we take this next step into franchising, it was  nice to be surrounded by others who have walked this path or are doing the same so we feel supported," said Katie Brennan, Chief of Staff at Sticky Fingers Cooking. 

The International Franchise Association, is a global organization for franchisors, franchisees, and franchise suppliers that provides advocacy, education, and growth. They also hold an annual convention and Sticky Fingers Cooking was there to learn and network and, because this was in Las Vegas, have some fun too as we celebrate our growing business.

“In all the excellent in-depth sessions, workshops and roundtable events at the IFA convention, the main takeaway for me was very much aligned with, and reinforcing of, our own essential purpose in selecting franchising as our optimal growth path,” said Joe Hall, Chief Marketing Officer at Sticky Fingers Cooking. “It was truly exciting to realize we have been able to create so many 'best practice' tools to share with our franchisees and making the awesome magic of Sticky Fingers Cooking available to so many more families and kids.”

members of sfc team franchise and Spadea Lignana law firm together in las vegas
Dinner with Spadea Lignana law firm. From left Katie Brennan, Nicole Smith, Chelsie Charnet Maltez, Stephanie Grober, Denis Kurdi, Erin Fletter, Kim Douglas, Betsy Hamm, Lelania Howard.

“As a brand new franchisor I did not know what to expect at this convention,” said Erin Fletter, CEO and founder of Sticky Fingers Cooking. “I was able to meet with other emerging brands and learn from them as we expand our own footprint.”

Although Sticky Fingers Cooking has more than a decade of success, becoming a franchisor is like starting a new business as the company creates new roles and develops internal processes to onboard and support the new franchisees. 

Erin was able to attend the IFA’s Emerging Brand Boot Camp during the convention and connect in person with key consultants for the brand. “I felt so validated about how our company is ahead of the game thanks to the processes and systems we have put in place,” she said. “I’m so grateful for the excellent and on-going guidance and counsel we receive from SMB Franchise Advisory Group and Spadea Lignana Law.” 

She wasn’t the only one on the team gaining appreciation and new awareness at this event.

“The IFA convention was a crash course in franchising that we can’t wait to apply as new franchisees join our brand,” said Kimberly Douglas, COO of Sticky Fingers Cooking. “It’s so important to learn how to best support every franchisee and set them up for long-term success right off the bat.”

Ultimately, being a part of an organization such as IFA provides validation to those who partner with the brand. We believe in learning from one another, just as our franchisees can learn and grow from our leadership team and one another. 

Lelania Howard, Chief Financial Officer for Sticky Fingers Cooking, was impressed by the range of attendees at the convention. "There were so many amazing speakers that shared business lessons and advice that certainly will be used by Sticky Fingers Cooking," she said. "I enjoyed conversations with everyone from veteran CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies to start-up franchisors whose passion and enthusiasm was inspiring."

It goes without saying: what happened in Vegas WON’T stay in Vegas! We’ve learned so much invaluable information and met a lot of amazing and inspiring people.

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