The Sticky Fingers Cooking Difference
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Philanthropy Is Baked into Our Culture

At Sticky Fingers Cooking® we’ve made giving back a part of our business model, and it can be replicated at the franchisee level too.

Culture is an important part of Sticky Fingers Cooking—and we’re not talking about a sourdough starter!

Our business is teaching young children about cooking, and along the way also providing lessons in math, history, language, and geography. It’s not that this should be fun, it actually is fun because we are using our hands, probably making a mess (and learning how to clean it up!), and trying new things together.

Sticky Fingers Cooking values are infused in all that we do. These values are trust, innovation, impact, community and inspiration.


Community Impact

In school communities we work with children of all different abilities, backgrounds, and interests. This means that sometimes a family needs help to pay for these after-school enrichment programs.

Our mission statement includes this most important commitment: “We are united by a profound belief that our purpose on this earth is to transform the landscape of children’s culinary education.” Being able to feed yourself and to know what is nutritious is a life skill that is not taught in most school curriculums today, so we strive to make it an option for every one of the kids in our communities.

Fulfilling this purpose is made possible for some children with our scholarships. Since the founding of Sticky Fingers Cooking, we have given over $1.5 million back to schools in scholarships and fundraising. By doing this, we are honoring our values by making an impact in the communities where we offer our classes.


Gather Round

It makes sense for Sticky Fingers Cooking to partner with non-profit organizations that also serve children and that’s why we have relationships with the Boys & Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, I Have a Dream Foundation, and others.

When we connect with these groups, we take the opportunity to teach more kids about where food comes from, how to read and follow a recipe, and the thrill of trying new things.

Sticky Fingers Cooking has donated thousands of scholarships to children whose families are experiencing a housing crisis or who live in food deserts where fresh, healthy options are rarely available.


Take a Seat at the (Philanthropy) Table

Before Sticky Fingers Cooking became a franchisor, we were committed to our values and living by them in our business practices.

Now that we are building a franchise network, the table is set for these values and practices to be offered in every location where our classes are offered—from coast to coast. This means that more kids—regardless of their family’s financial circumstances or geographic locale—will get the benefits of learning how to make healthy snacks and meals for themselves.

If you’re passionate about education, food, and giving back, a Sticky Fingers Cooking franchise might be right for you. Click here to introduce yourself and we can see if this is a good fit for your values too.

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