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Now Live! Recipes, Recipes, Recipes

As a Sticky Fingers Cooking franchisee, you will benefit from the many recipes already developed and now accessible to the public—and you!

When you invest in a franchise business, you want all the advantages of the established brand at your fingertips. After all, the reason you chose to join a franchise was to tap into the resources and systems already created rather than spend time developing them for yourself. 

Since its inception, Sticky Fingers Cooking has been hard at work in the kitchen making delicious food while teaching kids the fundamentals of cooking. Taste testing recipes for all kinds of snacks and meals, both savory and sweet, is fun, but it took years to develop thousands of recipes. 

Now all of that hard work has been done and you can benefit as a new business owner. Instead of spending day after day in the kitchen, you can focus on building your business by simply going to the available recipes, which are also accessible to the public on the website. 

Anyone can easily search these recipes by keyword, ingredient, meal type, recipe type, geographic region, season, cooking method and time to prep and cook.

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As a franchisee, there are even more features in the Recipe Box:

  • Lesson plans
  • Mealtime chatter (conversation starters that don’t yield just simple “yes” or “no” responses)
  • Class checklist
  • Chef instructions
  • ABCs of SFC
  • Ingredient substitutions (to make sure all food allergies are addressed)
  • Equipment checklist

Once you’re logged in as a franchisee (rather than a consumer on the website) or a chef instructor, any guesswork is gone and you’ll have checklists and tips at your fingertips for a smooth class experience. 

Imagine as a franchisee, you need a recipe in the winter for something sweet to whip up quickly—or, you want to practice making something before you do it with students in the classroom. Within seconds, you could find Orange Cardamom Chai Cupcakes by founder Erin Fletter or Cinnamon Dusted Peruvian Churro Bites by chef Dylan Sabuco. Or, in summer you might be in need of something cold and refreshing that has no cooking time? In seconds you can select, “summer” and “no cook” to find Italian Vanilla Basil Soda or Cucumber Mojito Slushies. Yet when you’re logged into The Dash, our proprietary backend software, you will have even more tools available.

“Putting these recipes online was a dream come true,” says Erin Fletter, founder of Sticky Fingers Cooking and author of many of the recipes. “When the public has access to the stories behind the recipes we make in the classes with kids, it adds value to the brand and our purpose.”

In fact, digitizing these recipes saved the business during the COVID-19 pandemic when there was a 96% loss of revenue for Sticky Fingers Cooking initially. Now, the business has reinvented itself as “pandemic proof.”

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You will see that these aren’t just recipes, and Sticky Fingers Cooking lessons are not just cooking classes. In each recipe, there are stories about what each dish means to the chef, followed by a list of ingredients and instructions, and when you keep scrolling you find things like the history and etymology of a food, tips on how to pick, buy, and eat a certain vegetable or fruit, nutrition facts, and background on the country or geographic area of origin for the recipe. What’s it like to be a kid in Cuba? What’s the anatomy of a papaya? What is the nutritional value of a cucumber? These are all interesting facts shared in a recipe. 

Sticky Fingers Cooking is committed to continuing to develop assets that strengthen the national brand and provide materials that franchisees can use to make running their businesses as easy as pie. Read more about the cookbook series in this blog

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