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Let’s Explore the Differences Between a Franchisor and a Franchisee

A franchisor and a franchisee don’t exist without one or the other, and combined they have the potential to change lives—including their own—and expand business possibilities.

While each party brings unique professional and life experience to their roles in this dynamic, they also have their own characteristics that make the whole relationship flourish. 

The franchisor is the person or business entity that owns the trademarks and business model, essentially an entrepreneur who successfully grew their original business idea and brand to a point where it could be replicated in the franchising model. 

The franchisee is the person or corporation that pays a fee to own and operate their own business under the trademark and business model system developed and licensed by the franchisor. 

Take a look at these qualities to see if you can relate to being a franchisor or a franchisee:

A franchisor is someone who…

  • Is comfortable in a leadership role
  • Is not risk-averse
  • Enjoys supporting others to achieve their dreams
  • Has a vision

A franchisee is someone who…

  • Is ready to learn
  • Is results-oriented
  • Likes people and wants to bring out their best
  • Takes pride in hard work

Sometimes becoming a franchisee is a way to explore skills that someone has not had a chance to tap into in their current job, such as being a boss, hiring, selling, and more. Furthermore, they may not have the means or experience or even idea to start a business of their own from scratch as the franchisor did once and this can be a key difference.

If someone starts a franchise business with a good work ethic, a willingness to follow the proven system of success for the brand, and uses their time and energy to benefit the people who work for them and buy from them, then they can have many of the same rewards of business ownership as a franchisor, but with a few less risks. 

One thing that a franchisor and a franchisee might have in common is starting a business in a field where they have little to no experience. In the franchising model though, a franchisor is much like a mentor for the franchisee, providing shortcuts and expertise from their lessons learned when they first started their business. All product research and development, graphic design of logos and brand colors, and more has been done ahead of time so the franchisee can focus on hiring and selling to increase their profits and footprint locally.

If you are someone who can relate to the qualities of a franchisee and also has a passion for educating kids and cooking, a Sticky Fingers Cooking franchise might be on the menu for you! 

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