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Being a Mom and Entrepreneur

Sticky Fingers Cooking was inspired by the family of founder Erin Fletter who decided to start this business while also being a busy mom. Can you relate?

I don’t think of myself as a “mompreneur,” a term coined back in the 1990s to describe a woman who is balancing the responsibilities of raising children and running her own business. Instead, I am a woman who started and runs a successful business and I also have a family that I love and cherish. Yes, an entrepreneur and a mother. 

No matter what you call it, I’m busy and life is full! And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

When Sticky Fingers Cooking grew beyond my Denver neighborhood and then into Texas and Illinois, I realized the way to meet the demand for these after-school programs was with a franchise model. When I envisioned franchisees, I pictured moms like myself building a business from home with their children around and engaged. 

Let’s Talk About Being a Working Mom

There was a time when women had to choose: work or family. To have both was not a consideration. These days women can not only work but they can run a business and a family.

For some women being their own boss while also raising children is ideal because they can set their own schedule and they don’t have to ask for time off to get kids to and from school, attend their children’s extracurricular activities, and more. You have the potential to earn more than an employer decides you are worth and there is no need to angle for promotions since you’re already in charge. 

Not everyone desires the high stakes of business ownership though and the Sticky Fingers Cooking corporate office is proud to employ many women who are also moms. I have a lot of respect and understanding for the women who work for me, especially as we have this balancing act in common.

There is no right or wrong way to be a working mom and it’s possible to choose a job, then being a business owner, and maybe sell your business and find a new job. For me, my kids inspired my business and I know I’m not alone in this.

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The Benefits of Being a Working Mom

There is absolutely no judgement about stay-at-home moms from me. The key is choice, so if that is someone’s decision and they are happy with it, wonderful! 

However, just like studies about how drinking wine or nibbling a little chocolate can be good for you, there is research to say that having a mom who works can be good for their kids. That’s good news for the estimated four million businesses that are run by working mothers, according to the 2021 McKinsey’s 2021 Women in the Workplace Report

Parents who choose to purchase a Sticky Fingers Cooking franchise business can have the best of both worlds with running their business from their home and connecting with local schools, students, and families who are interested in the classes. I know this because I’ve done it myself as an entrepreneur and mom, while showing my own daughters what it is like to pursue my passions, provide jobs, and build a business from the ground up. 

If you are a working mom and want to explore our franchise opportunity, click here to get in touch with us today.

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