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The Best Franchises for Teachers

Sticky Fingers Cooking might be the perfect franchise business for people who love teaching, being creative, and trying new foods.

Let’s hear it for the teachers! Teachers can change lives, often seeing a student’s intellectual and creative gifts before the child is aware of them themselves.

Some people find a calling in teaching and do it for the duration of their careers. Others dabble in teaching then move on, whether for a better salary, change in curriculum, work/life balance, or other specific or personal reason. Sometimes the move away from teaching is welcome, but not always, teachers will tell you.

What if there was a business where you could combine your love of teaching with a potentially higher income and be your own boss?

The Best Franchises for Teachers?

Typically, the list of franchise businesses for teachers involve just that—teaching. It makes sense that teachers would want to keep teaching after leaving the day-to-day classroom, helping kids to improve their grades, but perhaps not on a traditional school schedule.

A list from in 2021 included:

  • Kumon Method Learning
  • Sylvan Learning Center
  • Club Z
  • Tutoring Club
  • Eye Level
  • Mathnasium

The only franchises on the list that are not simply tutoring or teaching are The Little Gym and Bricks 4 Kidz, where kids learn motor skills or STEM, respectively.

From Teacher to Business Owner: Maximum Impact

What if there was something that included teaching an essential life skill and eating healthy foods but also involved math, world cultures, nutrition, and other important facts?

science teacher doing a lab experiment with students

Sticky Fingers Cooking teaches many topics as kids learn how make a healthy snack or meal:

  • Math by measuring out the ingredients
  • Geography by learning where a recipe or ingredient originated from
  • Science by seeing how ingredients come together and interact
  • Health by exploring nutrition basics in each recipe
  • Food history that is tied to world history

Being in a kitchen environment to create a dish also promotes other important skills that can be used in life as kiddos grow:

  • Working with a group
  • Listening
  • Reading instructions carefully
  • Cleaning up when you’re done
  • Safely and respectfully using some tools

Learn more about the Sticky Fingers Cooking Philosophy.

Sticky Fingers Cooking relies on Chef Instructors in each classroom setting to lead students through every lesson and recipe. A franchise business owner can choose to work as the in-class Chef Instructor and/or teach others to be Chef Instructors as their business grows to multiple sites. In this way, the teacher is able to expand not only their business but the number of children impacted by these after-school enrichment programs.

three kids cooking in the kitchen

Imagine going from the classroom to a business setting just by walking down the hall—if you choose to do both—with your Sticky Fingers Cooking business drawing on your existing skills and network to grow your income.

Bonus: Teaching Supplies

As in a real classroom, there are books! Sticky Fingers Cooking publishes cookbooks so junior chefs can also practice at home with their own families.

The franchise business owner and their Chef Instructors are not expected to create all of the recipes. An example of our rich curriculum can be found on the Recipe Box section of the website. Our classroom curriculum and lesson plans go much deeper and create magic and student connection and experiential learning in the classroom. In fact, during training, you will explore existing lesson plans that provide seasonally-appropriate menus to prepare with students. While curiosity and ingenuity are always welcome, just as they are in any classroom, this business model does not require a degree from a culinary school or a teaching certificate.

Let’s get cooking together! You can show your interest in this franchise opportunity by filling out a form here.

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