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Panels, Podcasts, People! Sticky Fingers Cooking at IFE

Sticky Fingers Cooking fully embraces the franchise world as the company awards its first franchises and grows the brand.

Taking an established and successful company in a new direction with an enhanced and expanded business model, can be a lot like starting over. Sticky Fingers Cooking was over 11 years old when co-founder Erin Fletter saw the opportunity for franchising the company.

Just as she did when she first started after school programs for kids, Erin continues to network, and make connections and talk to other successful business owners. As she spreads the word about Sticky Fingers Cooking, Erin and her team exhibited at the International Franchise Expo (IFE) conference in New York City.

“We had 75 amazing conversations with 75 people interested in becoming a Sticky Fingers Cooking owner in their community,” says Erin. “It was interesting to hear everyone's personal stories and wonderful to learn more about them!”

The International Franchise Expo is sponsored by the International Franchise Association and is a chance to connect with potential franchisees, network with fellow franchisors, and learn from the experts.

The Who’s Who

Sticky Fingers team members that attended include Kimberly Douglas, COO, Joe Hall, Co-Founder & Visionary, and Julie Scher, Director of Franchise Sales, and Erin Fletter, Co-Founder and CEO. 

“The hugely positive response from IFE attendees interested in exciting new franchise opportunities was very energizing and exciting,” says Kimberly. “We were pleased and amazed to constantly share our Sticky Fingers franchise experience with so many interested attendees. The Expo also offered many in-depth discussions on valuable industry topics, such as Veterans and Franchising, Minorities and Franchising, Franchise Sales/Awarding, as well as many franchisee success stories.”  

This was Julie’s first trade show with Sticky Fingers Cooking.

“We had a fantastic time at IFE,” says Julie. “There was a constant buzz at our booth and it was electrifying. It was incredible to meet so many people from across the country looking for a franchise business opportunity that would build their future.”

The What’s What

Not only was the crew manning their busy booth at the IFE, Erin spoke on the panel, “Women in Franchising” and was a guest on the podcast “Social Geek.”

The panel was led by Ali Kraus, CFE, VP of Marketing at Benetrends Financial, and included Stephanie Schon of The Bar Method, and Kayla Ryan from Home Run Franchises.

“Our booth was so busy all three days we attended,” Kimberly says. “We were set up in a ‘pavilion’ that was organized by SMB, the consulting firm we used to guide us into the franchise model.”

With increased knowledge about franchising and more people than ever interested in learning about Sticky Fingers Cooking, the team continues to be ready to engage with interested parties looking for an exceptional franchise opportunity. Interested? Get in touch with the franchising team today!

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