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Hungry for A Better Business Model? Learn About Sticky Fingers Cookbooks

When you join a franchise brand, you want to know what value it has for you and your future customers, what will set you apart as a business in your community.

The idea for cookbooks came about during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, when in-person classes could not be offered. How could we continue to educate and maintain a brand presence?

The answer was to get into homes with ways for families to teach themselves with our tried and tested and, maybe most importantly, tasted easy recipes with cookbooks. These books enhance—not replace—what is taught in the classroom. Books can be given as gifts, passed on to others who might be interested in taking classes, and cherished as reminders of those amazing classes.

Our first book, “Global Taste Buds,” featured 50 recipes from countries around the world and came out in 2021. We didn’t stop at just one book though and continue to expand our cookbook library, with both paperback and Kindle versions.

Sticky Fingers Cooking Global Taste Buds Cookbook

The books were and are written by Erin Fletter, founder of Sticking Fingers Cooking, in collaboration with chef instructors from the cooking school. Imagine sharing recipes from India, Japan, Italy, Finland, Rwanda, and more countries and cultures with children in your community.

As a business owner, you can be assured that this branding is working for you at the local level as people who buy the book (or receive it as a gift) may then look for a cooking class in your area.

Our second cookbook, “Farm to Table,” has 65 recipes plus activities and information about where food comes from (farms, the answer is farms!) and how to turn it into delicious meals at home with all ages participating.

Sticky Fingers Cooking Farm to Table Cookbook

The third book, “Basic Training Baking Boot Camp,” came out in 2022 has recipes for pastas, bread, muffins, pastries, and instructions for scratch baking first timers.

There are five more Sticky Fingers Cooking Cookbooks to come and they are part of the branding that can benefit each location as they market their business locally.

All those wonderful online book reviews further validate the brand and the importance of teaching kids to cook healthy and nutritious meals with their family, which is what Sticking Fingers Cooking does best.

“I bought this as a gift for my nieces and nephew and wanted to keep it for myself :) There are so many incredible recipes inside. It's definitely so much more than a cookbook with tons of interesting fun facts.”

“We’ve tried so many different types of cuisine because of it and my kids are way more adventurous eaters now vs. before. Highly recommend!!”

“It is a great introduction to food from around the world. What an improvement from the kids cookbooks that I grew up with.”

As you explore this business opportunity, we invite you to also learn more about recipes in these cookbooks and their role in building a business in your market.

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