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From Restaurant to Classroom

Do you love making food but not working in a restaurant? At Sticky Fingers Cooking, you can put those skills to use in your own business.

Restaurant work is in the DNA of Sticky Fingers Cooking: we’ve done it, we love it, we get it. This means we also understand that sometimes people want to take their kitchen and serving skills into a new domain, perhaps one with less time on their feet or working late hours. 

Let’s be real: dining out can be anything from a practical to a magical experience, but the behind-the-scenes of even the most sophisticated restaurants can be intense. Thrilling, fun, good money even, but also trying and exhausting. 

Whether you are a professionally trained chef or someone who learned on the job, make no mistake, you’ve got game. From seasoning to plating, knowing your way around a kitchen and literally putting food on a plate is not as easy as it might look to those who have never done it. 

Yet when life changes and you are looking for new opportunities, what can you do with this skillset? Maybe open your own catering company? Become a food blogger? Give food styling a try? 

Go Back to School

No, we don’t mean you should go back to culinary school; we’re talking about going to schools to teach kids about cooking. Sticky Fingers Cooking has created a franchise business model that could make good use of your recipe knowledge, comfort with kitchen tools, and excellent taste. 

With no brick-and-mortar setup, a franchisee can establish a local business that teaches cooking to local schoolchildren in their classrooms after school. Your business is run from your home office or wherever you take your laptop, and the lessons occur online, in classrooms, local libraries or other gathering places.

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There is no need to create recipes from scratch as there is a library of hundreds of them at your fingertips to use seasonally in your market based on the curriculum. Imagine teaching kids how to whip up something delicious and share your knowledge from having cooked up so many tasty meals in a professional kitchen!

If your restaurant experience was front-of-the-house and not limited to the kitchen, your skills in either recommending food as a server or managing the whole team to create a pleasant ambience for diners, makes being a franchisee a good fit.

As a Sticky Fingers Cooking franchisee, you can oversee a team of chef instructors from your home office where you build relationships with local schools, sign up families for classes, and provide local part-time jobs to these instructors.

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According to the National Conference on State Legislatures, “research shows that high-quality after-school programs improve students’ educational outcomes, school attendance, and social and emotional learning,” and that consistent participation in some after-school programs can decrease dropout rates.

Be part of making a difference when you start your education about Sticky Fingers Cooking today by learning about the start-up investment and sending us a note about your interest.

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