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Expanding the Brand at Franchise Expo South

Sticky Fingers Cooking is in growth mode as a franchisor and that means a lot of networking—this time at Franchise Expo South.

Sticky Fingers Cooking is out and about letting people know about the opportunity to become a franchisee. We recently invested in time at the Franchise Expo South (FES) in Orlando, Florida, which is put on in partnership with the International Franchise Association (IFA).

Just as franchisees join a network to support them in building a business in their local market, a franchisor becomes a member of organizations such as the IFA. This membership—and attending conferences—are a way for Sticky Fingers Cooking to meet others who are franchising and also connect with future franchisees. 

Mixing It Up

Our team at FES included co-founder Joe Hall, COO Kimberly Douglas, and Julie Scher, Director of Franchise Sales. Beyond the exhibit hall and booth there were opportunities for attending sponsored events.

Joe Hall, CMO at Sticky Fingers Cooking speaking to attendees of Franchise Expo South 2023

“Julie and I attended a networking event put on by the Women’s Franchise Network of South Florida, a franchisor mixer kick-off,” said Kimberly. “We met some incredible folks there! South out to Alisha Hughes, Matt Cancino and Madalina Lordache at Bright Pink Agency for sponsoring and getting us introduced to so many people!”

The next day, it was off to MFV Expositions with Florida vibes and more connecting, including time with Carlos and Pamela Labelle from the Business Exchange.

“I think overall we felt that Sticky Fingers Cooking was very well received in South Florida,” said Kimberly. “Floridians seem HUNGRY for more opportunities for their children, especially culinary options.” 

It’s Not Just About Us

Kimberly also shares that it was interesting to learn what types of other businesses are being built and the backgrounds of those people. 

“We met BUNCHES of folks with various backgrounds,” she said. “Some "cereal" entrepreneurs, a woman who taught in Haiti for 35 years as well as many other teachers or folks in education, some foodies, and restaurateurs.”

Sticky Fingers Cooking booth at Franchise Expo South 2023

See the list of exhibitors.

“One benefit I am really enjoying from these expos is making connections with business owners in different industries who will inevitably get the word out about Sticky Fingers Cooking through word of mouth,” Kimberly added. 

Although this conference was not just for women, Kimberly did attend the "Women in Franchising" discussion led by none other than Alli Kraus, VP of Marketing at Benetrends Financial. “The three panelists were exceptional ladies,” she said. 

Sticky Fingers Cooking also attend IFE in New York and IFA in Las Vegas this year. By strengthening the brand through talking to people at events like these, it makes the opportunity for business ownership even better for franchisees. 

If you are interested in becoming a Sticky Fingers Cooking franchisee, inquire now and see if this is your recipe for success!

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