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Do You Value What We Value?

Buying a franchise means becoming an independent business owner who is in alignment with a brand.

Becoming a franchisee can start with taking a personal assessment of your own life and values:

  • Do you have what it takes to be your own boss?
  • Are you ready to lead a team, hiring your own employees?
  • Can you follow a system to success?

In many ways, a franchisee is an entrepreneur, but as a franchisee you are joining up with a company that has done their own values inventory and found a product or service that works because of putting these into place.

As you take stock of your own future with a franchisor, you will certainly be looking at financials and marketing potential. Additionally, you will need to have a deep understanding of the company’s culture and how you can align with this community.

Sticky Fingers Cooking Values and Franchisees

At Sticky Fingers Cooking, we took the time to hash out our values, which you can read more about in this article.

Our core values of TRUST, INNOVATION, IMPACT, COMMUNITY, and INSPIRATION form the very essence of who Sticky Fingers Cooking is as a company. These values guide our mission and the distinctive experience we aim to offer—which you are likely to notice in just looking at our website. This understanding not only will lay the groundwork for your business but also set the stage for building strong a business and deep connections.

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How Values Help with Building Community

As a local business owner, your understanding of your community’s values and how you engage with them can be important to your success. A Sticky Fingers Cooking franchisee thrives in a community that includes children, schools, and families. Every neighborhood, town, and city possesses its distinct identity, preferences, and requirements. By genuinely comprehending your community's culture, you can customize your offerings, engage with young chefs and their families authentically, and become an integral part of their lives.

When the culture of the Sticky Fingers Cooking franchise harmoniously aligns with the culture of the children, schools, and families you serve, magic unfolds. This is the sweet spot where young chefs develop a love for cooking, parents find a trusted partner in their children's culinary journey, and success feels like second nature. By investing the time and effort to understand both cultures, you're paving the way for a prosperous and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey, that you can feel proud of.

Are We in Alignment?

As you consider a Sticky Fingers Cooking franchise, ask yourself these questions, with the brand’s values in mind:

  • Does this opportunity align with who you are personally? 
  • Do you fully resonate with our core values and the commitment to serving your customers and community through your Sticky Fingers Cooking business? 
  • Would your community embrace and welcome the Sticky Fingers Cooking offerings and our core values?
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Aligning your personal values with our mission and the culture you serve is the simplest ingredient to becoming wildly successful through social entrepreneurship.

As you embark on your journey with Sticky Fingers Cooking, keep in mind that comprehending the culture of both the Sticky Fingers Cooking brand and your community is of paramount importance. It's the secret sauce that unlocks boundless opportunities and ensures a remarkable business venture you can be proud of because it aligns directly with YOU.

If you think that Sticky Fingers Cooking is a business opportunity for you, please tell us a little about yourself. You can trust that we’ll be in touch!

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